• Foshan Yongxin Intelligent Technology Co., LTD: Advancing Stainless Steel Welded Pipe Production

    Foshan Yongxin Intelligent Technology Co., LTD. (Yongxin Company) is fast establishing itself as a leading manufacturer of stainless steel welded pipe. Founded in 2019, they have already gained recognition as a high-tech enterprise in Foshan City’s Sanshui District. With a focus on quality ...
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  • Sanitary stainless steel pipe overview

    The main difference between sanitary stainless steel pipes and ordinary stainless steel pipes is that the inner surface is polished, which will reduce resistance and increase fluidity when conveying fluids, making the fluids stainless and doped with debris on the pipe wall peeled off by the impac...
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  • Characteristics of industrial stainless steel pipes of various materials

    It should be said that all austenitic stainless steel fluid pipes have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance. Only relatively speaking, they have different obvious characteristics and functions: 304: Ordinary corrosion resistance and...
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