sanitary tube 316L (50.8mm×1.2mm)

sanitary tube 316L (50.8mm×1.2mm)

Standard Compliance:

ASTM A270    EN10357

DIN 11850

JIS G3447

ISO 2037

EN 1035T

AS 15281

QB/T 2072.3

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    Product application:

    bioengineering,food,dairy,pharmaceutical,purified water,electronic engineering,chemical fiber industry ,chemicalindustry,papermaking,beer,high-purity gas, cosmetics and other industries.

    Product data:

    Stainless steel sanitary tube食品卫生用不锈钢管 Stainless steel sanitary tube不锈钢化学成分表 不锈钢计算公式


    A: For our refining furnaces, we pledge to use stainless steel from reputable domestic and international steel mills like TISCO (TiSCO), BAOSTEEL (Baosteel), LISCO (United), etc.

    B: We have gained professional certifications from the ASME, European CE, PED, German AD2000, and other organizations with a focus on the European Union and the US market.

    C: Follow all applicable technical specifications and adhere strictly to the technical documents of the standard quality management system as specified in PED and ASME material standards.

    D: We will make technical matching in accordance with the standards, product usage scenarios, applications, and other factors after consulting the necessary specifications and verifying the product standards and specifications, and we will formulate the production process in accordance with customer requirements. Following the order's signature, we will set up production for the first time.

    E: We will try our best to satisfy your needs and give you a positive shopping experience. In terms of product packaging, we will have specialized plastic packaging bags, woven bags, and other materials for packaging, and can also be packaged according to the requirements of the order, such as order wooden cases, iron boxes, international direct mail, and other ways to support national distribution.

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